Room Type Bed type Full Rate Regular Days Holidays
Double Room One queen bed 3,200 2,200 1,800
Twin Room Two queen bed 4,600 3,200 2,800
Group Six Person Room and Style Suite 5,800 4,200 3,600
Communal Room for 4 People (Bathrooms are not included) 3,400 2,400 2,200
Communal Room for 6 People (Bathrooms are not included) 4,800 3,600 3,300
Communal Room for 8 People (Bathrooms are not included) 6,400 4,800 4,200

~ Note Notes ~

Define weekdays:Sunday-Friday。

Holiday definition:Saturday and consecutive holidays。

Check-in time:下午16:00 Check-out time:11 at noon.:00

Catering:The meal form is mainly supplied by Chinese restaurant and coffee house.。

Hot Spring Equipment:Bath (cold、Temperature、Heat Miike,Swimsuit and swimming cap required,Independent Style Soup House(1-2),Price 200 Yuan/unanimous vote,150Yuan/Half-price。Discounted cash price 150 yuan/unanimous vote、100元/半票(春節皆以定價現金收費)

Japanese shop does not accept credit card。房內無衛浴設備、Air conditioning、TV、不含盥洗用品以人計算每人NT:800元/假日NT:700Yuan/weekday (including、早餐、Accommodation),Please keep your valuables.,春節與連續假期不適用以人計算



本館報價表業者將保有更改之權利,Quotations are subject to change without prior notice,皆以官網為主房價已內含稅

Nearby attractions:The Rui Shui Dairy Farm、Maizuru Sightseeing Tea Garden、Grilled stone Pillars、Red Ke Jin Shan、Nanan Falls、Varami Ancient Road、Xiu Gu Luan Xi、Matthew Saddle Ecological Wetland ...

To maintain the quality of accommodation,Do not bring pets。


~ Intimate Service ~

Provide air conditioning、TV、Drinking water dispenser、Electric Thermos。

Provision of toiletries、Hair dryer、Coffee bags and tea bags。Provide washing(Off)Clothes Machine Equipment。

Wide Parking space available。

Provide hot springs。Provide washing machine equipment。

Set up a boating trip。Valet photocopying、Fax。

Call a taxi.。On behalf of ordering barbecue products。

~ Remittance Information ~

Reservation Booking:Please pay 50% of the price in advance

Post Office Code:700 Yuli Tai Post Office

User name:Lin Yin-mei

Post Office number:0091324、Post Office account number:0199663

Please call us after remittance”Account number is not five yards、Date and amount of remittance,In the interest of reconciliation。

* Reservation Booking:Please pay 50% Advance deposit before 7th,To confirm reservation(During the Spring Festival,Please remit the full price)。
* Accommodation rescheduled:Please inform five days before the housing,Deposit may be retained for three months
* Cancellation:Please inform within five days(Free accommodation Day),Qi Cheng refundable deposit,3Days to inform(Free accommodation Day),Five percent refundable deposit,Day cancellation deposit will not be returned before lodging,Please forgive me。
* Ruoyin road leading to natural disasters interrupt can not go,Turning back the full amount of the deposit(Transfer fee to be deducted 100 yuan),During the retention rate to calculate% off。