The Rui Shui Dairy Farm

Mizuho Ranch-with pure water from the central mountain range,Bred a plentiful pasture.,So the cows that produce pure fresh milk,Visitors can now look at the cattle on the ranch leisurely and playful appearance,and enjoy all the fresh milk and delicious meals available at the ranch.。

Saoba Stone Columns

The ruins of Rui are located on Maizuru platform of Maizuru village,Centered on two pillars,At present, the construction of the East Valley Scenic Spot Management,has become a Rui place in the humanities,A trip to Mizuho can come to a different cultural awareness tour。

Tropic of Cancer

On the left side of the Maizuru Tableland Road,There is a white sundial modelling the Tropic of Cancer sign,The sun will direct here every summer solstice noon.,The park is full of astronomical charts. Very instructive,Visitors will be pictured here。

Rui Shui River Rafting Center

The Hualian River, which originated in Xiuguluan Shan,,Is the famous Chinese and foreign boating paradise,The 103-kilometer-long show Gu Luan Creek,From Mizuho to Changhong Bridge, there are 22 river sections which are very suitable for rafting.,Along the way not only the canyon scenery Beautiful,Continuously's rapids make you enjoy the fun of rafting。

Chike Mountain

At that time, the whole mountain was rich in red trees,Japanese people send hard red trees to Japan,Made a reputation for the butt.,So locally called the Red Hill。Right now, Every July to September is a bloom of flowers,A piece of orange and green。The beginning of the sun an instant,The Village people do not divide the race、All ages,All busy harvesting the so-called "day flower" of the lily,But also because of the combination of the ethnic groups in the Red Mountains.。

Restoration Sugar Plantation

The Sugar factory was founded in 2,The original name is "Taitung Colonizing Co., Ltd.",Was the most important sugar factory at the time;,The sugar factory still plays a key role,Until recently, sugar prices in China and Southeast Asia were much lower than the cost of sugar in Taiwan.,To make the sugar factory all over the history.,And most of the transformation for sightseeing。

Hualian Ocean Park

Hualian Ocean Park Planning has theme park area、Vacation Hotel Area、Natural Landscape Park。Hualian Marine Park development is in response to the government's 79 policy plan for industrial eastward shift,The connotation blends the sensibility、of knowledge、Health、Leisure、Entertainment equals Oneness。Let the traveler wander in the cheerful atmosphere。